CrazyBears is a community-focused web3 brand.

These colorful bears will make your life CRAZY🌈

A collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) consisting of hundreds of fascinating features designed by SOLFRED/Tom.

Hand-drawn 1/1 bears, unique skins, gorgeous backgrounds, and rare features await you.



Our community is growing rapidly!

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Our Vision

Making this world a little more fun, more colorful, and more crazy.

We are building a crazy bears world with you all.

Crazy Utilities
What fun awaits the Crazy Bear Holder?
Crazy Bear Holders regularly receive exclusive airdrops. Some of them are collaborative works with other projects.
Our discord community has its own currency called "$Honey". You can collect $Honey by participating in various activities and redeem it for a variety of rewards.
Staking your bears allows you to collect gems! This ecosystem ensures that bear holders continue to receive benefits in perpetuity.
Gems earned through staking can be exchanged for NFT, whitelist, and raffle tickets.
There you will find crazy products that will make your life colorful. This is an exclusive store that you can only find here. Enjoy your shopping.
Our community hosts a variety of activities, including games and contests. Join us now and have fun together.
The Crazy Bears Team
Community Admins
Co-Founder & Artist
Experience in creating various digital arts including UI design, game character design, and 3D modeling. I'm also an engineer. Likes new things and has various hobbies such as fashion, movies and outdoor activities. 28 years old.
Community Admin
Hello - I am a Canadian NFT collector, enthusiast and marketer. I plan to use my knowledge, skills and passion to help expand/grow this amazing community. I anticipate continuing my contributions to the Crazy Bears project!
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